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How to Get the Asking Price for Your Home

How to Get the Asking Price for Your Home

Prices in the housing market can fluctuate a tremendous amount and much of it is caused by factors beyond your control.  Declining neighborhoods or the economy are just two of the intangibles that affect your listing price.  Knowing how to get the asking price for your home is part art and part science, here are some things you can do to make the best deal.

Look at the competition

Look at the prices at which other houses are being sold, if you ask for an extravagant price for your home, it would be very hard for you to get a buyer. In a falling market environment, price your house some percentage points lesser than the competition of the same value. This would encourage potential buyers from bidding for your house.

Hire an agent

As property agents know the ins and outs of the business like the back of their hand, it would be advisable to hire one to carry out a thorough inspection of the property and help you in fixing the ” right” price for your home. A house priced too high is usually a house left unsold.

If you plan on not hiring an agent, you should be willing to carry out thorough research of the market, to notice the direction the market is going towards, price according to the necessities of the market, high price for high demand, and lower one for a slump in demand.  Here is a video to help you price your home.

The listing Photos

Make sure that you are able to entice the prospective clients into loving your house as much as you do, hire a professional photographer if you have to, you have to cajole the buyer into believing that your’s is the best property on the market, period. If you skimp or cut back on the listing photos you may end up curbing the demand for your house.

Listing portals

If you have hired an agent, then, he would do it for you. If not, then, you have to make sure you have listed your house on as many popular platforms as you can. The higher the visibility the higher the chances of the house being sold, which in turn gets you the price that you demand of the buyer.

Prepare your home!

It is very important to understand that a house unkempt would be a house unsold, no buyer would be interested in trying their luck at a property that hasn’t been maintained properly. Buyers want to see clean homes with no clutter.

Follow these tips and you would sell your house without further delays!

Selling Property

Why You Shouldn’t Try and Sell Your Home Without a Realtor

Why You Shouldn't Try and Sell Your Home Without a Realtor

A lot of Homeowners prefer selling their own homes so that they can save some money in the process. Another reason is because they feel that they can be able to do it on their own but what we don’t know is that less than 20% of the owners will be able to succeed. Regardless of your reasons, its good to know some few reasons why it might not be a good idea.

1. You get emotional very easily – it gets very emotional when selling your house so having a realtor will help you remain calm and also professional. Having a realtor will also help you not make common mistakes like getting offended so you didn’t make a counter offer, over pricing the house or even hurrying up the process just because you have a deadline. You also have to note that you may get rejected a lot of times, so having a realtor will help put a positive spin in case of any negative feedback.

2. Realtors have a large network – you can market your house in any website like Craigslist or Zillow but this wont be enough. even after telling your friends on Instagram or Facebook, don’t be so sure that they will market that house but a realtor will have a lot of connections and this will help the house sell very quickly. You’ll also have to think about the documents required to sell property

3. You won’t see anything wrong with your house – when you live in a house for so many years, you will be emotionally attached to it and this will hinder you from seeing any flaws that might be in the house. If you have a realtor, he will be able to point out the flaws that you might not have seen or even the ones that you didn’t know could be flaws. Not everything in your house that you think is beautiful will attract a buyer; we all have different opinions and taste.

4. This is not your job – Imagine you are a full time employer working from 9 to 6 and later have to pick your kids from school and rush home to prepare dinner, do you think you will have the time to always rush home to see a potential buyer whenever they come knocking? will you have the time to always answer calls, messages or emails from buyers?. If all the answers to these questions is no, then it is the right time to look for a realtor. A buyer will want quick answers and so they will move on quickly to another seller.